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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Caxton Midlands Group Ltd is committed to being a responsible business in all areas of its operation with an objective to ensure that Corporate Responsibility remains integral to all our activities. The Caxton Midlands Group Ltd consists of various independent trading limited companies, namely;

  • Caxton Midlands Group Ltd
  • Caxton Builders (Midlands) Ltd
  • Caxton Joinery Ltd
  • Caxton Property Developments Ltd
  • Caxton Facades Ltd

Our aim is to balance growth and financial gain with social and environmental awareness and responsibility through continual improvement in four main areas:


Care of the environment is central to our business. Wherever we work we aim to preserve the environment and seek solutions to minimise the impact of all our activities. We will support industry initiatives that provide environmentally friendly solutions to our activities.


We strive to ensure that during our operations there is minimal disruption to the local community. Where possible we will support local economies through purchasing and employment and will consult with local communities and engage in community initiatives.


We will align ourselves with our Client’s requirements and strive to provide cost-effective solutions, taking all stakeholder requirements into consideration to ensure their objectives are achieved. We will learn through Client and Public feedback in order to improve our services to all. We will use fair and ethical procurement policies throughout our supply chain and will encourage suppliers and sub-contractors to make efficient use of energy, materials and natural resources by promoting sustainable practices. Our communications will be transparent and responsive to the needs of interested parties.


We provide all our employees and contractors with a safe and healthy working environment. We will respect their needs and expectations with regards for their well-being, training and development requirements. We will ensure equality and diversity in the workplace.

The management team are responsible for ensuring that this policy is understood at all levels of the Group. Every employee shall play an active part in supporting Group in implementing this policy which shall be achieved through management leadership, planning, delivery, checking and review.

Signed for and on behalf of Caxton Midlands Group Ltd

Andrew Townshend

Managing Director